Artist that I like to listen too

I know one thing i have a feeling that is running through people’s mind is the type of artist i listen to because i know people are shocked and surprised when they see certain songs pop up on my Facebook from you tube that I have shared, so right now I am going to give you a list of artist that I like to listen too, I know some might not be people cup of tea but it my choice in taste in music.

Alright here goes the list of artist that i like to listen too whether it is on Pandora or on you tube.

  • Luke Bryan, because his music speaks to me that i can relate to it.
  • Luke Combs, when i heard his song hurricane i knew i could relate because we all had that one ex that we tried to forget but we somehow got back with that person
  • Brantley Gilbert is an artist that I love listening too because he has range of songs from party songs to love songs to songs about people living life till their last breath.
  • Mario Vasquez his song gallery can relate to a lot of people in different types of relationships
  • New Kids on the Block, I saw them in person just recently and they tore the house down at the Allstate Arena, but I love listening to their songs because it brings me back to when i was growing up.
  • Sisqo whether he was performing with dru hill or on his own Sisqo had hits that you love like the Thong Song or Incomplete.
  • Bone Thugs and Harmony, I love this group because they are the only rap group that had the chance to work with three legends of the rap game being Notorious BIG, Tupac, and Easy E.

That is just a taste of some types of music that i listen too, hit me up on my social media to let me know what type of artist that you like to listen too.

Wrestlemania is  this sunday, now i am going to give you my best and worst moments of wrestlemania.

My first best moment was when Macho Man and Ms.Elizabeth got back together after his lost to Ultimate Warrior, I love when Ms. Elizabeth came to Macho Man aid when Sensational Sherri turned her back on him after his lost. When they reunited it was like magic it felt right for them to be together.

I think we all can agree with Santina (Santino) Marella being the worst moment of wrestlemania, by having him win the battle royal just to further a storyline with Vickie Guerrero. That women’s battle royal was horrible to be on wrestlemania 25, they should have had one of the up and coming divas win the battle royal not a guy dressed in drag.

I know I am going to rub people the wrong way with this moment but the moment that Chris Benoit won his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Shawn Michaels, and Triple H at Wrestlemania 20 was one of the best moments because at the end of the match he had his best friend Eddie Guerrero their to share the moment with him as they both ended the night as champions of their respected brand.

My second worst moment of wrestlemania is when Stone Cold Steve Austin joined forces with Vince Mcmahon in Houston Texas at Wrestlemania 17, at the time it made no sense for Austin to align with Vince, but now I think about it he made a deal with the devil to get a victory over the rock.

Another wrestlemania moment I personally enjoyed was at Wrestlemania 18 when the rock faced off with the immortal Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the crowd was so in favor of Hulk Hogan since they were in Toronto Canada. The Rock turned into the bad guy mid match while hogan turned into the old school babyface hulk hogan while in the NWO attire. After the match Hogan gave rock his respect by raising his arm in victory.

Thanks to the Ballistic one himself Ike Moore for this worse wrestlemania moment, Jerry The King Lawler vs Michael Cole. is one of thee worst moment in mania history, the match made no sense, the match only happened just so Lawler could have a wrestlemania victory which he got then had overturned by the mysterious raw gm.

One of the most memorable wrestlemania moments, was when the boyhood dream came true. Shawn Michaels won his first WWE championship by defeating Bret Hart in the first ever iron man match that went into overtime with Shawn Michaels coming out victorious.
Now what are your best and worst moments in mania history, let me know in the comments, also tweet me your moments at @WarriorMW23 on twitter or on facebook at MattWardCSR8723