Artist that I like to listen too

I know one thing i have a feeling that is running through people’s mind is the type of artist i listen to because i know people are shocked and surprised when they see certain songs pop up on my Facebook from you tube that I have shared, so right now I am going to give you a list of artist that I like to listen too, I know some might not be people cup of tea but it my choice in taste in music.

Alright here goes the list of artist that i like to listen too whether it is on Pandora or on you tube.

  • Luke Bryan, because his music speaks to me that i can relate to it.
  • Luke Combs, when i heard his song hurricane i knew i could relate because we all had that one ex that we tried to forget but we somehow got back with that person
  • Brantley Gilbert is an artist that I love listening too because he has range of songs from party songs to love songs to songs about people living life till their last breath.
  • Mario Vasquez his song gallery can relate to a lot of people in different types of relationships
  • New Kids on the Block, I saw them in person just recently and they tore the house down at the Allstate Arena, but I love listening to their songs because it brings me back to when i was growing up.
  • Sisqo whether he was performing with dru hill or on his own Sisqo had hits that you love like the Thong Song or Incomplete.
  • Bone Thugs and Harmony, I love this group because they are the only rap group that had the chance to work with three legends of the rap game being Notorious BIG, Tupac, and Easy E.

That is just a taste of some types of music that i listen too, hit me up on my social media to let me know what type of artist that you like to listen too.