Holiday Favorites

With christmas this weekend i decided to do favorite holiday movies, songs. So here is my list of favorite christmas songs


  1. This Gift by 98 Degrees. It wasn’t your typical christmas song, it was a song about a relationship.
  2. Jingle Bell Rock as a kid it was a song i liked to hear
  3. White Christmas that is something that you always wished for as a child.


Now here are my favorite movies


  1. DIE HARD, i wish someone would debate me that this is not a christmas movie, because if you see the plot of the movie is christmas theme, they even sing christmas songs.
  2. Home Alone 1 and 2 are my favorite because i love watching marv and harry get their behind handed to them by kevin.
  3. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

Alright that was my favorites, what are some of your favorites let me know comment below.