Thoughts on WWE

Monday and Tuesday was action packed night for WWE to push forward with storylines for Elimination Chamber and Fastlane but also WWE Wrestlemania, now that their is news that Seth Rollins could potentially miss mania again this year due to a knee injury, unless this is a storyline angle and he is not bad enough to where he can miss the events. But my question that still remains is who will be the one that replaces Rollins to face either Samoa Joe or Triple H at either Fastlane or Mania.

While the Raw brand is still trying to figure out their road to Wrestlemania, it seems like the smackdown brand might be on a way that fans might actually want to see for their main event match since orton won the rumble, with elimination chamber coming up I can actually see John Cena lose his world title to Bray Wyatt which will set up Randy orton and Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship. Now I know but what about John Cena? Well I think WWE is going to have a Total divas intergender match having Miz and Maryse face off against John Cena and Nikki Bella. Now there’s rumors flying they are doing this because Nikki Bella might be retiring due to her neck injuries, another rumor being tossed around that after the match John Cena might actually ask Nikki to marry him which could seem like a surprise to people.

Now I am actually looking forward to Elimination Chamber more so than Fastlane because of the fact that WWE SmackDown is booked better and it shows compared to Monday Night Raw. I am loving that Smackdown’s woman’s division is shown in a better light then compared to Raw being just Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Nia Jax. But on smackdown you have Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and the one that I think will be the next WWE Woman’s Champion, Naomi which is way overdue to have a reign as champion, because she should have been the one that dethroned AJ Lee at Wrestlemania 30 but couldn’t happened to an eye injury she suffered by a botched move from Askana. I know I am going to get heat from the Bliss Fanboys, But I honestly think WWE needs to put the championship on Naomi, she is one of the most underrated women on the smackdown roster, her having the championship will be a big accomplishment, because it was since JAZZ held the women’s championship, that it was around the waist of a woman of color.

I know people want Alexa or Becky to have the championship, Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind it. BUT Naomi does deserve to have this chance to be champion, I don’t care if it is a short reign or a long reign. I would just love to see her with the championship around her waist while the fans feel the glow.

Let’s get back to Monday Night Raw shall we? I think it is time that Rusev has another reign as a champion. I know that Sami Zayn is in the picture for the united states championship, But I think Rusev would benefit more from having the reign going into Wrestlemania because you could set up a confrontation with Kurt Angle at Mania.

Now for the universal championship, as much as I don’t want to say it but the money match will be Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar with the championship on the line. But I would like to see Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens for the universal championship or even Finn Balor vs Owens. I think knowing Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s mind, he is going to want to have the championship match between the two part timers. I wouldn’t be mad if they actually got one of them to be full time if they were to win the championship.

As for the tag team championships, if The Club wants to weed out the nerds so they say. I could see them having an interesting program with D.I.Y or maybe rehash the feud with the New Day for the championships. But there’s one tag team that I would love to see get a shot at the tag team championships at Mania, that tag team is Revival, they were the tag team the revolutionized wwe tag team scene through NXT.

Let me know what you think will happen going towards mania, you can hit me up on twitter at @WarriorMW23 and you can hit me up on my facebook page


Royal Rumble Predictions


okay i am going to color code the matches for the respected brands

Pre Show Matches

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Predictions: Nia Jax

Why: I feel that we could be seeing the end of Sasha Banks on Monday Night Raw, I know people are saying oh it going to be Bayley and Sasha at Summerslam for the championship, that what people said last year of it being Sasha and Bayley at mania. Their would be more value in Sasha going on to smackdown to chase the women’s championship their.

Raw Tag Team Title Match

Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs The Club

Predictions: The Club

Why: I think it is time that WWE puts the championships on Gallows and Anderson, Last week on Raw they had the titles won but due to sheamus knocking out the ref voided their victory. Now that their is two officials during this match, something tells me that Gallows and Anderson will be getting the gold finally.

Becky Lynch, Naomi, Nikki Bella vs Blissed Bombshells (Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Natalya)

Predictions: Blissed Bombshells

Why: You just brought back Mickie James to align with Alexa Bliss, I think they duo should add Natalya to the mix to make it harder for women to try and dethrone Alexa for the championship. You have intertwined feuds in this match with Bliss, and Mickie against Becky, and you have the “Total Divas” feud Nikki Bella and Natalya, but the wild card to this match is Naomi. Somehow the Blissed Bombshells will find a way to win.

Main Card

Cruiserweight Championship

Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville

Predictions: Neville

Why: Neville has reign victories over everyone in the division weather it was on Monday Night Raw or 205 Live, Even against the champion Rich Swann. So I think the Rumble will be the match that crowns Nevile as the true “King of The Cruiserweights”


Women’s Championship (Raw)

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Bayley

Predictions: Charlotte

Why: Dana Brooke will be the reason why Charlotte retains because their will be no one in Bayley’s corner to stop dana from interfering. Plus charlotte is undefeated at PPV defending her Championship.

World Championship

AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena

Predictions: AJ Styles

Why: AJ Styles has been the champ that running the SD Camp, while Cena is the face of the place. It going to be the epic battle that we should have had the first time that was messed with by the club. So now I wonder if the club would try to help their brother again?

Universal Championship

No disqualifications

Kevin Owens © (w/ Chris Jericho Shark Cage) vs. Roman Reigns

Predictions: Kevin Owens

Why: it is No disqualifications which means Triple H is going to stick his nose it in to help Owens out since Jericho is in the cage, But remember if this does happen then you know the Shield brothers could actually come out to help roman combat HHH.

Royal Rumble Match

Predictions: Sami Zayn

Why: I know I am going to get a lot of are you kidding remarks about this choice to win the rumble, but here me out on this predictions. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been the biggest feud that WWE had that was not CREATED by WWE, This Feud deserves to have that Mania Moment by having the Underdog Sami Zayn win the rumble to go on to face his former tag team partner Kevin Owens. This is a match that could be the match that gives Wrestlemania the views that they want for a main event because it would be DIFFERENT than what WWE Creative have given the fans since Wrestlemania 30. If Sami isn’t to win the rumble, knowing WWE Creative i am right he won’t then it would be Finn Balor returning at number 30. But i am holding faith that the wrestling gods bless me with this prediction.

notice something about this card, that most of the matches on this card are by Monday Night Raw, with 205 Live have one and Smackdown having two matches. I thought this was supposed to be a split brand pay per view. It looks like a Raw heavy show.

NXT Take Over Predictions

I am doing my blog for predictions, I am going to be doing them the way I used to do prediction blogs.

NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defending against Bobby Roode

Prediction: “Glorious” Bobby Roode

Why: This is the perfect time to start the transition into the Glorious era of NXT, Shinsuke is ready to be on the main roster. Personally I can see Nakamura being a surprise entrant into the Royal Rumble. You can have Roode win the championship at the rumble, then they could have the rematch at the takeover “Mania” edition.

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defending against Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross in a fatal four-way match

Prediction: Asuka

Why: I honestly think they will have Ember Moon be the one to defeat the undefeated empress Asuka at Takeover Mania 2, I wouldn’t be shocked if they took the title off of her, but I could see Payton Royce and Billie Kay pulling off a screw job finish where they have each other take the lost so they can have the women’s Championship. In the end, I still think Asuka nearing 300 day reign as women’s champion will be intact after this match.

NXT Tag Team Champions DIY defending against The Authors of Pain

Prediction: D.I.Y

Why: their is a wildcard to this victory, The Revival do have a contractual rematch clause which is going to be why they are going to screw over Authors of Pain by getting them disqualified setting up for D.I.Y and Revival for takeover Mania 2. I understand that people are going to say Authors of Pain are going to win the championships, I honestly don’t think they are ready for them yet, because you still need a team like D.I.Y to lead the division which is lacking because of the injury that takes TM61 out of the title scene for a while

Roderick Strong vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Prediction: Andrade Almas

Why: I know this is a battle of wrestlers that were big outside of WWE, but Andrade needs a big victory to push him towards the NXT title picture, and I honestly think this victory could get him some buzz.  Roderick will be fine with a loss to Almas, if Roderick won the match, I would be worried about the direction they are going for Almas. Personally I think he needs to build him a stable like he had in CMLL and New Japan called Los Ingobernables, that is something that he really needs to happen to be the star that he was outside of WWE.

Eric Young vs. Tye Dillinger

Prediction: Eric Young

Why: Sanity is going to be the biggest factor in this match, because their is no way for Tye to overcome the four on one numbers game, this could be their way of writing out Tye Dillinger time at NXT by being destroyed by sanity.

Seahawks could lose Draft Pick

Could The Seattle Seahawks could potentially lose a second round draft pick as punishment for failing to disclose Richard Sherman MCL injury this season per Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Pete Carroll stated on  Monday that Sherman played the season with the injury, The weird thing is that Sherman was never on Seattle’s injury report with the ailment, allegedly prompting the league to do an investigation on the issue. The Seahawks hold the 56 pick in the second round of this years draft. Mortensen also stated that in September,the team was docked a fifth-round pick also fined $400,000 for a violation of the NFL’s offseason practice rules. If the league does take away a second-rounder, it will likely be an elevation of the fifth-rounder.

What is going through Carroll’s mind that he won’t even think about notifying the league about Sherman’s injury? Whose call was it to not put him on the Injury report? Was it Sherman’s idea, If it was his idea then Carroll should have not listen to his player and looked out for his health and safety.

The reason why i am saying that coaches should be looking out for the players health because we have seen college players going to the hospital during off season practices and one player even died as a result of the off season practices. Personally I think that the Seahawks should lose the pick in the draft, because it the coach that needs to look out for his player SAFETY no pun intended.

What do you think about this? Do you think the Seahawks should lose this pick?

Raiders moving To Las Vegas


Yes that is right football fans, The Oakland Raiders are moving to Sin City. The Raiders management staff have filed paperwork to relocate the team to Las Vegas. Now some Oakland fans are upset with this move. But here is my take on this move by the Raiders.

I love the idea of the team moving to Las Vegas, because of the fact that they are getting something that the City of Oakland couldn’t provide and that is a brand new stadium for the team. Yes I get that it won’t be the same legacy because they are in Vegas, but If you are a fan of the Raiders wouldn’t like to take a trip to Las Vegas to watch them play because you can make a weekend out of it with the casino and hotels that are out there, this will be a big revenue influx for the state of Nevada, They already have an Expansion hockey team in the Vegas Knights. So why shouldn’t a team leave the state if the city that said team is playing for doesn’t have the funds to help the team with what they need to bring revenue to the city.

Alright sports fans let me know your take on this decision made by the raiders? Are you still going to support the team or you going to bandwagon another team because they left your city? Let me know how you feel if you are a raiders fan or if you are a fan of another team what are your thoughts on this move?

NXT review


NXT returned back to Full Sail Arena, as the show started off with Nikki Cross of Sanity taking on Kennedy Lewis, boy if you thought that the size difference between Kennedy and Cross would have caused a problem for Cross? that is where you are mistaken because Cross dominated the match from beginning to the end. Nikki Cross could be a potential woman’s champion in the future on NXT once Asuka leaves to the main roster. The Revival had an interview about their future in NXT, as they were Interrupted by TM61. Scott Dawson stated that it would be easy to win by pinfall or submission, what is going to be good is to end your careers.

Roderick Strong vs Steve Cutler this match was a match that I really enjoyed, because this match was hard hitting, and it showed off Steve and Roderick in positive ways despite Cutler losing to Roderick, I see potential in Cutler. Now it is going to be interesting to see how Roderick faces off against Andrade Cien Almas at Takeover San Antonio. Liv Morgan challenges Ember Moon to a match for next week on NXT. this is going to be interesting to see how this match will play out to lead up to Takeover Mania weekend. Honestly I can picture Asuka facing Ember Moon for the championship

Tye Dillinger started to talk about what his future is going to be in 2017, while the fans started to chant Royal Rumble and number 10 right after that. He also started talking about how he let William Regal and the fans down, then he was interrupted by Sanity,they went out to the ring to try to get him to join the faction, but Tye says no once which set off Alexander Wolfe. Which caused Eric Young to try and talk sense into Tye but Tye wasn’t buying into what Eric was pitching because he turned down Sanity offer once again. Then Tye started to attack Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe. Right when Tye was going to hit Eric young with his finisher then Big Damo who is now known as Killian Dain spears Tye in half which leads Eric asking Dain to join Sanity, after Dain hit Tye with his version of the one winged Angel which is a move of Kenny Omega was this WWE version of trolling the fans since the rumble is getting close and that is one name being thrown around that fans and WWE talent want in the rumble?

TM61 vs The Revival this was the Main Event match of the night before the actual Main Event of the show which was the contract signing. The Revival kept their word about ending their career because TM61 got the surprise victory over the revival which lead to Dash and Dawson to attack TM61 injuring Shane Thorn after hitting the shatter machine on Nick Miller, while the fans chanted one more time for them to hit the shatter machine. Instead they hit their ode to Tully and Arn Anderson finisher then hitting the double foot stomp to Shane Thorn leg while be in a modified Texas cloverleaf.

Now let’s get to the moment of the hour, the contract signing for the NXT Championship between the “Glorious” Bobby Roode and “King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura. Roode started off the contract signing saying that it wasn’t going to be like the other contract signings that lead into the chaos in the ring. Roode started bashing Shinsuke Nakamura saying he has no style that his clothes are from the thriller closet. And he doesn’t understand his dance moves.

It doesn’t shock me that the Nakamura got the fans chanting the Japanese term for wet dog toward Roode, then Roode started talking about his three step plan that he had when he signed with NXT, the first step was changing how the wrestlers in the back dressed, the second step was getting the fans to change their lifestyle to fit more of Roode style, and third was winning the NXT championship so the NXT Championship can be ……. That is right when Shinsuke put his hand up and stopped Roode from finishing his catchphrase. Then Shinsuke Nakamura starts to say Roode won’t be taking the championship and it will be GLORIOUS. And that is how NXT ends with a stare down between both contenders.

Mickie James returns


Last night on WWE Smackdown Live we saw the anticipated return of Mickie James during the steel cage match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. Now I know fans are confused why Mickie is being paired up with Alexa that it doesn’t make sense to them. Alright wrestling fans here is my take on this storyline.

Mickie James is returning so she can help spotlight the younger talent that are on the roster, now if this works out right we could potential be seeing a double turn in the making because if you look at the pairing of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James they are both playing crazy type heels against a lone babyface in Becky Lynch. Now here is where the switch of heel and babyface happens.

We all have been hearing talks that Sasha Banks hinted at wanting a shot at the women’s championship for Smackdown Live. Let’s say smackdown trades Sasha Banks for let say Naomi, Becky Lynch has stated if she was to turn heel no one would expect it. But here is where i think the turn will go to shock the fans.


Alexa and Mickie are bragging about how they are best on smackdown live that Becky Lynch comes out and says that their is one team that you haven’t beat. Sasha Banks comes out to the shock of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, then Daniel Bryan makes a tag team match for Elimination Chamber. The match goes on as things were starting to get strange between Mickie and Alexa, right when Alexa goes to make the Mickie walks away from the tag saying “I am better than you” then Sasha makes the tag to Becky then she gets into the face of Alexa as Sasha was standing right by here as they are looking at Alexa then bam that where Becky hits Sasha with the exploder suplex as she looks at Alexa and smirks and lays down for Alexa. Then Mickie rushes to Sasha aid, then Becky and Alexa start attacking Mickie and Sasha which leads Becky to turn heel against someone that people wouldn’t think she would turn against. We will see Mickie as a good girl going up against the bad girl Becky Lynch

Now let’s be honest i know wrestling fans are going to moan and groan if they don’t get things their way. But if WWE would pull off a storyline like this that got you invested where the turns surprise you would you be interested to watch this storyline happen?