Thoughts on WWE

Monday and Tuesday was action packed night for WWE to push forward with storylines for Elimination Chamber and Fastlane but also WWE Wrestlemania, now that their is news that Seth Rollins could potentially miss mania again this year due to a knee injury, unless this is a storyline angle and he is not bad enough to where he can miss the events. But my question that still remains is who will be the one that replaces Rollins to face either Samoa Joe or Triple H at either Fastlane or Mania.

While the Raw brand is still trying to figure out their road to Wrestlemania, it seems like the smackdown brand might be on a way that fans might actually want to see for their main event match since orton won the rumble, with elimination chamber coming up I can actually see John Cena lose his world title to Bray Wyatt which will set up Randy orton and Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship. Now I know but what about John Cena? Well I think WWE is going to have a Total divas intergender match having Miz and Maryse face off against John Cena and Nikki Bella. Now there’s rumors flying they are doing this because Nikki Bella might be retiring due to her neck injuries, another rumor being tossed around that after the match John Cena might actually ask Nikki to marry him which could seem like a surprise to people.

Now I am actually looking forward to Elimination Chamber more so than Fastlane because of the fact that WWE SmackDown is booked better and it shows compared to Monday Night Raw. I am loving that Smackdown’s woman’s division is shown in a better light then compared to Raw being just Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Nia Jax. But on smackdown you have Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and the one that I think will be the next WWE Woman’s Champion, Naomi which is way overdue to have a reign as champion, because she should have been the one that dethroned AJ Lee at Wrestlemania 30 but couldn’t happened to an eye injury she suffered by a botched move from Askana. I know I am going to get heat from the Bliss Fanboys, But I honestly think WWE needs to put the championship on Naomi, she is one of the most underrated women on the smackdown roster, her having the championship will be a big accomplishment, because it was since JAZZ held the women’s championship, that it was around the waist of a woman of color.

I know people want Alexa or Becky to have the championship, Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind it. BUT Naomi does deserve to have this chance to be champion, I don’t care if it is a short reign or a long reign. I would just love to see her with the championship around her waist while the fans feel the glow.

Let’s get back to Monday Night Raw shall we? I think it is time that Rusev has another reign as a champion. I know that Sami Zayn is in the picture for the united states championship, But I think Rusev would benefit more from having the reign going into Wrestlemania because you could set up a confrontation with Kurt Angle at Mania.

Now for the universal championship, as much as I don’t want to say it but the money match will be Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar with the championship on the line. But I would like to see Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens for the universal championship or even Finn Balor vs Owens. I think knowing Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s mind, he is going to want to have the championship match between the two part timers. I wouldn’t be mad if they actually got one of them to be full time if they were to win the championship.

As for the tag team championships, if The Club wants to weed out the nerds so they say. I could see them having an interesting program with D.I.Y or maybe rehash the feud with the New Day for the championships. But there’s one tag team that I would love to see get a shot at the tag team championships at Mania, that tag team is Revival, they were the tag team the revolutionized wwe tag team scene through NXT.

Let me know what you think will happen going towards mania, you can hit me up on twitter at @WarriorMW23 and you can hit me up on my facebook page


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