Seahawks could lose Draft Pick

Could The Seattle Seahawks could potentially lose a second round draft pick as punishment for failing to disclose Richard Sherman MCL injury this season per Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

Pete Carroll stated on  Monday that Sherman played the season with the injury, The weird thing is that Sherman was never on Seattle’s injury report with the ailment, allegedly prompting the league to do an investigation on the issue. The Seahawks hold the 56 pick in the second round of this years draft. Mortensen also stated that in September,the team was docked a fifth-round pick also fined $400,000 for a violation of the NFL’s offseason practice rules. If the league does take away a second-rounder, it will likely be an elevation of the fifth-rounder.

What is going through Carroll’s mind that he won’t even think about notifying the league about Sherman’s injury? Whose call was it to not put him on the Injury report? Was it Sherman’s idea, If it was his idea then Carroll should have not listen to his player and looked out for his health and safety.

The reason why i am saying that coaches should be looking out for the players health because we have seen college players going to the hospital during off season practices and one player even died as a result of the off season practices. Personally I think that the Seahawks should lose the pick in the draft, because it the coach that needs to look out for his player SAFETY no pun intended.

What do you think about this? Do you think the Seahawks should lose this pick?


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