Raiders moving To Las Vegas


Yes that is right football fans, The Oakland Raiders are moving to Sin City. The Raiders management staff have filed paperwork to relocate the team to Las Vegas. Now some Oakland fans are upset with this move. But here is my take on this move by the Raiders.

I love the idea of the team moving to Las Vegas, because of the fact that they are getting something that the City of Oakland couldn’t provide and that is a brand new stadium for the team. Yes I get that it won’t be the same legacy because they are in Vegas, but If you are a fan of the Raiders wouldn’t like to take a trip to Las Vegas to watch them play because you can make a weekend out of it with the casino and hotels that are out there, this will be a big revenue influx for the state of Nevada, They already have an Expansion hockey team in the Vegas Knights. So why shouldn’t a team leave the state if the city that said team is playing for doesn’t have the funds to help the team with what they need to bring revenue to the city.

Alright sports fans let me know your take on this decision made by the raiders? Are you still going to support the team or you going to bandwagon another team because they left your city? Let me know how you feel if you are a raiders fan or if you are a fan of another team what are your thoughts on this move?


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