NXT review


NXT returned back to Full Sail Arena, as the show started off with Nikki Cross of Sanity taking on Kennedy Lewis, boy if you thought that the size difference between Kennedy and Cross would have caused a problem for Cross? that is where you are mistaken because Cross dominated the match from beginning to the end. Nikki Cross could be a potential woman’s champion in the future on NXT once Asuka leaves to the main roster. The Revival had an interview about their future in NXT, as they were Interrupted by TM61. Scott Dawson stated that it would be easy to win by pinfall or submission, what is going to be good is to end your careers.

Roderick Strong vs Steve Cutler this match was a match that I really enjoyed, because this match was hard hitting, and it showed off Steve and Roderick in positive ways despite Cutler losing to Roderick, I see potential in Cutler. Now it is going to be interesting to see how Roderick faces off against Andrade Cien Almas at Takeover San Antonio. Liv Morgan challenges Ember Moon to a match for next week on NXT. this is going to be interesting to see how this match will play out to lead up to Takeover Mania weekend. Honestly I can picture Asuka facing Ember Moon for the championship

Tye Dillinger started to talk about what his future is going to be in 2017, while the fans started to chant Royal Rumble and number 10 right after that. He also started talking about how he let William Regal and the fans down, then he was interrupted by Sanity,they went out to the ring to try to get him to join the faction, but Tye says no once which set off Alexander Wolfe. Which caused Eric Young to try and talk sense into Tye but Tye wasn’t buying into what Eric was pitching because he turned down Sanity offer once again. Then Tye started to attack Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe. Right when Tye was going to hit Eric young with his finisher then Big Damo who is now known as Killian Dain spears Tye in half which leads Eric asking Dain to join Sanity, after Dain hit Tye with his version of the one winged Angel which is a move of Kenny Omega was this WWE version of trolling the fans since the rumble is getting close and that is one name being thrown around that fans and WWE talent want in the rumble?

TM61 vs The Revival this was the Main Event match of the night before the actual Main Event of the show which was the contract signing. The Revival kept their word about ending their career because TM61 got the surprise victory over the revival which lead to Dash and Dawson to attack TM61 injuring Shane Thorn after hitting the shatter machine on Nick Miller, while the fans chanted one more time for them to hit the shatter machine. Instead they hit their ode to Tully and Arn Anderson finisher then hitting the double foot stomp to Shane Thorn leg while be in a modified Texas cloverleaf.

Now let’s get to the moment of the hour, the contract signing for the NXT Championship between the “Glorious” Bobby Roode and “King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura. Roode started off the contract signing saying that it wasn’t going to be like the other contract signings that lead into the chaos in the ring. Roode started bashing Shinsuke Nakamura saying he has no style that his clothes are from the thriller closet. And he doesn’t understand his dance moves.

It doesn’t shock me that the Nakamura got the fans chanting the Japanese term for wet dog toward Roode, then Roode started talking about his three step plan that he had when he signed with NXT, the first step was changing how the wrestlers in the back dressed, the second step was getting the fans to change their lifestyle to fit more of Roode style, and third was winning the NXT championship so the NXT Championship can be ……. That is right when Shinsuke put his hand up and stopped Roode from finishing his catchphrase. Then Shinsuke Nakamura starts to say Roode won’t be taking the championship and it will be GLORIOUS. And that is how NXT ends with a stare down between both contenders.


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