Mickie James returns


Last night on WWE Smackdown Live we saw the anticipated return of Mickie James during the steel cage match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. Now I know fans are confused why Mickie is being paired up with Alexa that it doesn’t make sense to them. Alright wrestling fans here is my take on this storyline.

Mickie James is returning so she can help spotlight the younger talent that are on the roster, now if this works out right we could potential be seeing a double turn in the making because if you look at the pairing of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James they are both playing crazy type heels against a lone babyface in Becky Lynch. Now here is where the switch of heel and babyface happens.

We all have been hearing talks that Sasha Banks hinted at wanting a shot at the women’s championship for Smackdown Live. Let’s say smackdown trades Sasha Banks for let say Naomi, Becky Lynch has stated if she was to turn heel no one would expect it. But here is where i think the turn will go to shock the fans.


Alexa and Mickie are bragging about how they are best on smackdown live that Becky Lynch comes out and says that their is one team that you haven’t beat. Sasha Banks comes out to the shock of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James, then Daniel Bryan makes a tag team match for Elimination Chamber. The match goes on as things were starting to get strange between Mickie and Alexa, right when Alexa goes to make the Mickie walks away from the tag saying “I am better than you” then Sasha makes the tag to Becky then she gets into the face of Alexa as Sasha was standing right by here as they are looking at Alexa then bam that where Becky hits Sasha with the exploder suplex as she looks at Alexa and smirks and lays down for Alexa. Then Mickie rushes to Sasha aid, then Becky and Alexa start attacking Mickie and Sasha which leads Becky to turn heel against someone that people wouldn’t think she would turn against. We will see Mickie as a good girl going up against the bad girl Becky Lynch

Now let’s be honest i know wrestling fans are going to moan and groan if they don’t get things their way. But if WWE would pull off a storyline like this that got you invested where the turns surprise you would you be interested to watch this storyline happen?


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