Bring it to the table review



WWE just brought a new show called bring it to the table, this is a show that is hosted by Peter Rosenberg. This is their version of shows like First Take where JBL and Paul Heyman debate topics such as Conor McGregor, Raw being three hours. I actually enjoyed the first episode seeing Paul heyman debate JBL on the topics while they also bash Peter in a joking way.

I could actually see this being better then First Take, and Skip Bayless show on Fox Sports One. because their is a chemistry with the three that you wouldn’t think was their when you first heard of the show concept. In reality this show is going to be one of the best things that will bring revenue to the network and get people to watch their product that is not wrestling shows like Raw, Smackdown, 205 live, NXT, and Pay Per Views.

When Paul Heyman praised John Cena calling him the best ever in terms of how he is on the road juggling wrestling, reality television, and being on television shows as host, their. Now there’s one thing that i would like to see added to the show, they should allow fans to have twitter interaction with the panel to see what they think on questions that aren’t on the show.

comment below and let me know what you thought of the show, and would you watch more shows like this by WWE?


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