NFL Playoff Predictions

Alright it is almost coming towards NFL Playoffs where here are my predictions how it might all end up going down in the super bowl, I know their are two weeks left in the regular season, so here are my predictions of how it will play out for the races and who will be in the Superbowl.


New England Patriots

Oakland Raiders

Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans

Miami Dolphins

Kansas City Chiefs



Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks

Atlanta Falcons

Detroit Lions

New York Giants

Green Bay Packers


Here is how the games will play out

Miami Dolphins faces Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City faces Houston Texans

New England Patriots will face Pittsburgh Steelers

Oakland Raiders will face The Kansas City Chiefs

Raiders vs Patriots AFC Championship Game

Raiders will make it to the superbowl


Alright NFC side

New York Giants vs Detroit Lions

Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks will face Detriot Lions

Dallas Cowboys will face Atlanta Falcons

Cowboys vs Seahawks NFC Championship Game

Cowboys make it to the superbowl
Cowboys vs Raiders for the vince lombardi trophy, i know it sounds crazy that it could play out like this, but I think this is something the NFL needs to have happen, instead of seeing Tom Brady, and Eli Manning, or Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan in the superbowl, they need to have teams to be in the super bowl equivalent to the Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians World Series.


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