Raw Brand Report

Last night WWE roadblock was a decent show for Monday Night Raw brand. This show felt like a typical Monday Night Raw episode despite the return and heel turn of Neville. Rusev defeated Big Cass by count out; I knew that was coming because with Enzo and Lana at ring side you knew the distractions were going to happen. Really 10 minute time limit for Sami Zayn versus Braun Strowman that sounds like WWE Creative trying to protect Strowman as being this dominating big monster on the raw roster. But they didn’t want to have him look weak against Sami last night so that what they came up with. Personally I really wanted to see Strowman lose clean not because of the time limit stipulation.

New Day their record breaking title reign is over, now we can see what they are going to do now that they are no longer champions, can they change up their style to make them more over with the fans without the championships. I am so happy that Sheamus and Cesaro won the titles because both of those men were shafted a storyline and they are working with what they have and now they are tag team champions they have stated that they don’t really like each other but in the ring they gel like a unit. So who are going to be the new contenders for the champions, will New Day get a rematch and try to regain them or will sheamus and cesaro be ready for them and defeat them to move forward toward other challengers? Personally I think the Club should be the next challengers for the tag team championships.

Let’s get talking about the cruiserweight division shall we? The fans are not buying into the division because they are not getting their valued time to shine on Monday Night Raw, they should do like they did on the CWC on raw and that is do video packages for the wrestlers so the fans can get involved with them so there can be a better fan participation during the matches. “All Night long” Rich Swan retained the cruiserweight championship which was greeted with the returning Neville who shocked the fans by attacking Swan and TJ Perkins, could this be the face lift the division needed?

Chris Jericho created the master plan to help his best friend remain universal champion after his best friend cost him the match against Seth Rollins. This was pure brilliance on the part of Jericho to make Owens feel like their friendship was over but when it was time for the main event Jericho shocked the world by kicking Owens in the balls screwing roman his chance at winning the title, then after the match Jericho handed Owens the title and raised his hand as they shocked the crowd. Then it looks like the Shield has reunited after they double power bomb Owens and Jericho through Announce tables.

Now here comes the rant of the blog, the women’s championship match this could have been the match to elevate Sasha into a megastar. But no creative has a boner for flair’s daughter Charlotte, So what is next Charlotte is Bayley going to be the next challenger which could me she drops the title to Bayley and Sasha Banks could challenge Bayley for the woman’s championship at WrestleMania.

Well we will see how things will shape up for the royal rumble starting tonight for the Monday Night Raw brand, could we see an all-women’s battle royal for a chance to crown a number one contender for either brand.

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