Craig Sager Pass Away at 65


Craig Sager a man that was known for wearing flamboyant suits that you would mostly saw at a high school prom or on Easter Sunday. But those suits became Craig’s brand, Their was not a game that I watched that I didn’t see a player or coach make a joke about his suit that he wore. But their was one coach that is the hardest coach to crack during interviews and Craig broke him down and I am talking about Gregg Popovich from the San Antonio Spurs. Sager was the only man that was able to bring a smile to his face.

Little did I know until i watch the news report about him was that he got his start covering baseball, he interviewed Henry “Hank” Aaron after his milestone 700 home run after breaking Babe Ruth’s homerun record.

This man was an inspiration to sports fans and broadcaster alike during his battle because he was a fighter to his last breath, he won the Jimmy V award during the ESPY’S. It sad to realize that he won the same award as Stuart Scott who won the award while he was fighting cancer. In January of 2015 is when the sports world lost Stuart Scott now 5 months after receiving the Jimmy V Award cancer defeated Sager for the last time.

What was your favorite suit of Sager or moment let me know comment on my wordpress or comment on my facebook page or tweet me at @WarriorMW23 or on @KTreyShow. You can also listen to me on Monday nights from 7-9 on and every other Friday 4-5 on the Bob Blob Show.


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