Lucha Report


Last night was another action packed episode of Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. The First match that started off the night was the third match in the battle of the bulls tournament which is their #1 contender’s tournament which each match is a fatal four way match. Where the winner will face the winner of the cage match between Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star for the Lucha Underground Championship, the first two participants that are going to be in the match will be Cage and Willie Mack.

Killshot vs Dante Fox vs Mariposa vs Jeremiah Crane, where do I begin this match had moments that will leave you breathless with the way the moves happened in this match. Jeremiah Crane picked up the victory in the end of this match, after killshot already suffered the tower of doom onto a stack of chairs then followed by a vertebreaker which is caused the butterfly effect for Mariposa’s character. Despite taking all of that damage after the match he attacked Dante fox and hit him with the Killshot double stomp.

The scene went to sexy star began her training for the cage match that she is going to have next week against Johnny Mundo, while she was walking to her locker to go get ready to change as she opened her locker to see a spider was left in her locker. She was furious by the look on her face then she went to find the person that she thought was behind the spider, The next match was a straight up mind games trap set up by Cobra Moon who is the Queen Cobra, as she was facing Drago until her disciples showed up and attacked Drago then Aerostar and Fenix tried to save him but the King Cobra showed up and hit Drago with the Tombstone piledriver to put the nail in the coffin of the game between cobra moon and drago.

The scene shows Mariposa and Sexy Star walking towards each other as they start to battle until Sexy Star chokes Mariposa against the wall as she threatened  her then Mariposa replied saying sorry but she would have put a butterfly instead of a spider then Sexy punched a hole in the wall where Mariposa face was supposed to be.

Now let’s move on to the main event which was the final match up of the battle of the bulls PJ Black and Jack Evans had some added pressure put on them by Johnny Mundo saying if you didn’t win you were no longer a member of the worldwide underground. Now this fatal four way could easily have been a tag team match where the winner who got the pin moved on into the tournament final. Because the four people in the match was Jack Evans, PJ black, Angelico, and Son of Havoc. Son of Havoc with his double foot stomp to Jack Evans while being on Angelico shoulders followed on to PJ Black with a moonsault. PJ Black picked up the victory by tricking Jack Evans with a finger poke of doom plan.

Now the fatal four way for to be the winner of the battle of the bulls are PJ Black, Cage, Willie Mack, and Jeremiah Crane, that match will be intense and amazing. The scene ended with Dragon Azteca Jr talking with Rey Mysterio about the attack that Montanza did last week which made him open his eyes on what he has to do, and he wants to start his legacy by ending Montanza Cueto.

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