Wrestling Podcast

A Lot of people may not know that I love professional wrestling, So this blog will be a blog dedicated to my favorite podcast that are done by Professional Wrestlers or people that have been involved in the wrestling business. So here we go with my favorite podcast in no particular order.

  1. Making Their Way to Ring by Lillian Garcia, reason why this one is my favorite because this is the first podcast that is hosted by a woman that has been in the business, I have loved the first three episodes. You can watch the podcast on After buzz TV you tube page.
  1. XPac12360, I loved Sean Waltman work during his time in WWE, WCW, and NWA-TNA. So I love listening to the stories that he has on the podcast. You can also find this podcast on the After buzz TV you tube page as well.
  1. Lucha Underground Aftershow, Ty Matthews, and Jimbo Frank got me hooked season 1, this aftershow is always fun to watch because you never know which member of Lucha Underground might me on the show, they have had Karlee Perez aka Catrina, they also have had Chris De Joseph, now they added Rachel Sam Evans to the duo, this trio is a comedic with their puns and pulls from other types of movies or tv to relate to the show, for example “a fellow chucker eh” they used a Michelangelo pull for the nunchuck fight scene  oh how can I not forget Mark B Donica with the lovely soundboard Nancy.

4. NXT Aftershow, this show is amazing to watch how they talk about the show that happened with NXT, I love the tandem of Mark B Donica and Hobo when they had the lovely Cathy Kelley with them, now that she is with the WWE if you haven’t paid attention to wrestling, now with Bill Hanstock this trio of guys are amazing to watch they have a funny dynamic together.

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