Rumor Mill NFL

The NFL rumor mill is buzzing thanks to the article by CBS Sports as they are saying their is a chance that Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh possibly could be the next head coach of the LA Rams? I wouldn’t hold my breath on it happen this year after Michigan plays in the Orange Bowl. Even though Harbaugh has been good in California. I actually like Harbaugh as a NFL coach, I would love for him to be the Bears head coach but if the rams wanted to throw the money to get Harbaugh they possibly could do it. With this past lost by current rams coach Jeff Fisher marks his 165 career loss as a coach of the rams. Despite the fact that he has 165 loss as the coach of the rams, the rams decided that he will still be the head coach of the rams going forward with a two year extension by Ian rapport which could change if the teams could continue to play like they are playing.

Would you like to see Harbaugh as an NFL coach again or do you think he should stay with the college route for the foreseeable future? Let me know on twitter at @WarriorMW23


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