WWE Report

The Aftermath of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is about to begin on Smackdown tonight. What is going to happen with the WWE Championship after James Ellsworth costed Dean Ambrose the championship during the TLC match, when that happened i was speechless because he was the one person i didn’t think would cost dean the championship. Did James really symbolically signed his death wish when he faces AJ tonight by the screw job he did on sunday?

Now that we have a new women’s champion in the “Blisstress of Pain” Alexa Bliss, can we see a rematch between her and the “Irish Lass kicker” Becky Lynch or will Alexa demand to face a new number one contender despite Becky having a rematch clause?

What is going to happen now with One Man Gore or as they are called on smack down Beauty and the Man Beast since they lost the tag team titles to the Wyatts on sunday? Honestly i think they will get their rematch and lose and they will break up due to a miscue during the rematch to cause them to fight.

Now let’s talk about something that is going to get interesting on smack down, the who attacked Nikki Bella storyline, Carmella said it was Natalya who was the one who attacked her, but really if you watched survivor series Natty was the one that was lending support to nikki, now i have a guess on who it might be based on the news by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet that Mickie James have been offered a full time wwe contract, so I think Nikki’s attacker might be Mickie James.

I actually wonder now that Monday Night Raw is going to have a women’s iron man match at Roadblock between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, but my question is will it live up to the Iron Woman match that Sasha and Bayley at Takeover: Respect. Honestly I actually think this match will surprise people, they are willing to put their bodies on the line for that championship. Will it be better then the NXT one? That is a question that will get answered at roadblock. Now back to Smack down since they have the Elimination Chamber pay per view, do we think we could actually see the women step inside the steel structure for the first time? I think it is time to see the women of smack down compete in the chamber because i think they can prove that they could do the chamber match just like the men could do.

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