TLC Preview

This sunday’s WWE pay per view TLC, there is so many possibilities to set up Royal Rumble on the smackdown side of the card. So here are my opinions that could happen during the TLC event.

Kalisto vs Baron Corbin, this chairs match is going to be interesting because Baron Corbin won the Andre The Giant battle royal and they have not gave him something that will push him in the right direction. Here is where i think this could be a stipulation where if Kalisto loses that he is sent to Monday Night Raw to be apart of the cruiserweight championship.

Now there has been a storyline going around about who attacked Nikki Bella before her survivor Series match, now my take on this storyline is going to possible set up the return of Eva Marie. But personality I wish this could a way to have Mickie James return to the smackdown brand. The way i think WWE is going to go is that it was Natalya because she wanted to be on the team since the show was in her hometown. But there’s a chance it could be the women’s champion becky lynch who was overlooked to be team captain for the smackdown brand. Speaking of the women’s championship she will be defending her championship against Alexa Bliss. I honestly think this championship match should be in a TLC or Ladder match because they have earned it to be that type of stipulation. But WWE creative decided that Nikki Bella vs Carmella in a No Disqualification match instead of the women’s championship.

Now let get involve the tag team championship picture, on smackdown they are having the finals of the tag team gauntlet where American Alpha vs The Wyatts will happen where the winners will be facing off against Heath Slater and Rhyno for the tag team championship, this is where American Alpha should be the next tag team champions, I honestly can not see the wyatts as tag team champions unless they are going to do it like the new day where any member of the team can defend the titles.

Dolph Ziggler will be the new intercontinental champion, because I think The Miz will be on his way to Monday Night Raw. Dolph Ziggler will be better as the champion even though i love the Miz as the champ right now.

Now let’s get to the main event, AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose this match has a lot of speculation of the undertaker making his presence to set up a championship storyline between AJ Styles vs The Deadman at the Royal Rumble which will set up The Undertaker getting a title reign that can end at Wrestlemania 33 at the hands of John Cena which will make John Cena and Undertaker conflict come full circle because The Undertaker was the one that gave John Cena his respect when he fought Kurt Angle in his debut match.

Okay I have a poll question for wrestling fans right now, which brand women’s division is better? Raw, Smackdown, or NXT. let me know what you think about which female division is better?


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