NXT Review and Survivor Series Preview

Robert Roode and Tye Dillinger started off the  event with a bang, this match was a good opening match to start takeover this match was a pure 50/50 match up because you didn’t know who would be the one coming out with the victory, but in the end of it it turned out to be a Glorious night for the Glorious one himself Robert Roode.

NXT  delivered again with match of the night contenders in the tag team division with The Authors of Pain vs T.M 61 in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes classic by using the old school NWA stipulation of the manager being locked up high above the ring. Authors of Pain managed to find a way to get the victory even after their botched attempt of using the lock chain that was given to them by their manager Paul Ellering. The Interesting thing about this is the fact that Paul Ellering has now managed two tag teams that have won tag team tournaments first being the Road Warriors that won the Jim Crockett Cup tournament in the National Wrestling Alliance and now with the Dusty Rhodes Classic with the Authors of Pain.

Now for the Tag team Championship match between the Revival and #DIY this match was another throwback to the old school wrestling with the two out of three falls matches. I was invested into this match from the start of it this was classic old school face versus heel wrestling at it’s finest. The Revival remind me of arn anderson and tully blanchard, and DIY remind me of the rock and roll express because they are a mesh of high flying and technical wrestling combined. I loved watching this match from the beginning of the match to the end of the match where their was a double submission to prevent scott dawson from interfering when gargano had wilder in the crippler crossface submission. This match also had tributes to canadian wrestlers like the Hart Foundation, and Chris Benoit.

Now for the women’s championship match, this match i know some people were like why is mickie James getting a title match when she hasn’t been in WWE for almost ten years Mickie James made this match interesting, there were times that you thought she might surprise the nxt fans and win the championship, but in the end she tapped out to the Aska lock.

Samoa Joe is your new nxt world champion after his hard fought victory against the former NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura, I actually thought that Nakamura was going to be the one leaving as the reigning champion, but Samoa Joe proved me wrong, now with Samoa Joe being the two time champ does this mean there will be a rubber match between the two and this could be the match that will send up Samoa Joe to the main roster just in time for wrestlemania.

Now let’s move on to Survivor Series with Raw vs Smackdown for bragging rights for who is the better brand, now I have some theories on how things could play out tomorrow night and here is some of my ideas that I would like to see happen.

I think that Raw and Smackdown will switch mid card championships with Kalisto winning the cruiserweight championship, bringing the division and the championship to Tuesday Night Smackdown and the Intercontinental championship will be going to Monday Night Raw with Sami Zayn winning the championship from the Miz, that would be the perfect way to get the Miz and Maryse from Daniel Bryan. Now with the Woman’s survivor series match, their is one person on the smackdown side who has yet to be back on Smackdown since her suspension, I could see Eva Marie come back to cost smackdown women’s team the victory against team Raw.

For the tag team survivor series match i think Team Smackdown might be able to pull off the upset, because you know that team raw has tag teams that are not going to be able to work together because of their egos. I have noticed that team smackdown jelled together despite the egos that are on the team.

Now for the main event the five on five main eventers survivor series match, now with the return of the phenom, could we see a surprise fifth member of team smackdown being Undertaker replacing Shane McMahon on the team. I can see AJ Styles being the one that cost Smackdown the victory against Team Raw. I can see the final people left being AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Could we actually see a swerve with Dean Ambrose costing smackdown the victory to re align with the shield on the anniversary of their debut at Survivor series.

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