Television Shows I enjoy

I know this will freak people out that I am writing an review of a TV show instead of doing a sports blog post. Well there are shows that are airing or that are about to air that I have vested interest in. These shows are a series created by Law and Order creator Dick Wolf, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice are the shows that Dick Wolf has created that has caught my attention.

Chicago Fire was the first show that Dick Wolf created in Chicago that received praises that caused him to create Chicago PD, which is a show about an Intelligence Unit that is led by Hank Voight, Chicago Fire fans hated him in season one because he was the reason that Matt Casey’s fiancee was killed. Chicago PD shows Voight in a different side of him compared to how he was on the first season of Chicago Fire.

Chicago PD is the show that set up the new series by Dick Wolf called Chicago Justice which casted Carl Weathers as the District Attorney in the show. Chicago Justice is going to premiering soon this will be its first season and i am hyped for this show because I want to see how Weathers character will be toward the character Hank Voight. Chicago PD is going on it’s fourth season, I am intrigued what is going to happen in this show this season, one of the storylines in the show is the relationship between Erin and Jay Halstead. Now there’s a storyline about Burgess new partner being moved to her district after a commander made sexual advances towards her and she turned him down and he put her on ticket duty on 26th and California outside of the courthouse.

Chicago Med is a show that in my eyes has replaced my void that ER left when that show ended. This cast for this show was assembled really well their chemistry shows on the show, I loved the line that one of the doctor’s used toward one of his assistants that is going into the military, If you can survive in Chicago you can survive in Afghanistan. He also said when the future marine saw a woman being shot he said welcome to chiraq.

These are some of my favorite shows that I watch I am excited to see what is to come during the season for these shows.


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