Cubs Playoff Rotation set

The Chicago Cubs have listed their pitching rotation for the National League Divisional Series, With Jon Lester getting the ball in the first game at Wrigley field on friday night. And Kyle Hendricks will throw on game 2 with Arrieta pitching game three and if necessary John Lackey will pitch game four.

I actually like this rotation because Lester and Hendrix have better records pitching at wrigley then pitching on the road, so if the cubs can sweep the first two games then Arrieta will be the one pitching on the road to help close out the series on the road in this best of five series in the first round against the winner of the Mets and Giants wild card game on wednesday night.
Now the question is who would you like the cubs to face in the playoffs the mets or the giants? You can let me know via social media you can follow me on my social media accounts @WarriorMW23 and @KTreyShow on twitter and FanPage or on my facebook you can also hear me on with the K-Trey Show on Monday’s from 7-9 PM Central  and the Bob Blob Show on Friday from 4-5 PM Central


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