Lyin Ryan Suspended?

U.S. Olympic Committee has suspended swimmer Ryan Lochte 10 months for his Rio gas station hijinks while the other participants received a punishment that was not as harsh as Lochte suspension was.

Okay they are saying that he is suspended for 10 months, but he is allowed to to compete? Really Olympic Committee you are going to say he is suspended but he is still allow him to compete in swimming competitions? Who was in their right mind in the IDOC and the US Olympic Committee when they came up with this punishment, to me it seems that he is not punished at all because he is still allowed to be in swimming competitions.

The whole point of his suspension was to STOP him from SWIMMING not to CONTINUE to allow him to SWIM. they also say their are other sanctions going to be added to his suspension. Give me a break they suspended Michael Phelps for four months after his two DUI arrest, but Lying Ryan Lochte still gets to swim while he is so called “Suspended” for 10 months.

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