Quick NFL Preview

NFL Season  is fast approaching with a super bowl rematch of Carolina Panthers and The Denver Broncos. This rematch is going to be one sided because Cam Newton is going to be looking for a Redemption season after last year super bowl lost to the Denver Broncos. Could Denver shock the world by beating the Panthers in the season opener on Thursday?

What are games that you are hyped for the start of the regular season this year? One game that I know people are going to be watching is the New York Giants versus the Dallas Cowboys, can the Dak and  Elliott show defeat a team that has been to two super bowls? I am actually hoping that the Cowboys pull off an upset over the Giants.

The Chicago Bears versus Houston Texans is a game that I am going to have my eye on because I want to see how the new pieces that the Bears acquired over the weekend. Can the Bears defense be better than what they were showing in the pre season, will the Texans be able to torch the bears defense this sunday? I actually think the Texans are going to pull off the victory against the bears, unless Cutler has a phenomenal performance this weekend.

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