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This week on the Relm Sports Report blog we are getting into two different topics. First topic i am going to be talking about is going to be Joe Flacco playing against the Detroit Lions since his injury that costed him last season just nine months ago. Joe Flacco said that he will be on the field against the lions starting since sitting out the previous two preseason games since his knee surgery, Could Flacco show signs of rust in this game or will he be a glimpse of his old self before he had the knee surgery or will he be a shell of his old self with a new style to his playing.

There are Rumors flying around the NFL right now that numerous amount of teams are willing to make a play at getting Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon. Despite the Browns saying they are not interested in trading Josh Gordon. I think Josh Gordon could be the missing piece that Chicago Bears could need in their Wide Receiver corre that they are having trouble with right now during training camp. If the Chicago Bears can find a way to lure the Browns into trading Josh Gordon to them that could be a big boost to the offense because Josh Gordon is fast on the field, that speed could be what Jay Cutler need from receivers.
What are your thoughts on the Bears could make a play for Josh Gordon do you want him on the Bears or do you think he is too much of a risk to take for the Bears? Let me know on twitter at @WarriorMW23


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