Phelps Retires

Micheal Phelps Medals

Saturday night Michael Phelps announced his retirement before his final Olympic race, in his final race he went out in a blaze of glory starting out his retirement with getting his 23 gold medal to end his Olympic legacy with 28 overall medals.

Michael Phelps in my opinion is the decade greatest athlete winning 28 medals in swimming compared to other people who won championships in team played sports or won medals in team played sports. People think Athlete they think LeBron James? No when I hear the word Athlete I think of Michael Phelps and the swimming world is losing an icon. He is the Michael Jordan of Swimming, you can say Mark Spits was the Larry Bird or Magic Johnson of swimming until the new Air apparent came to steal the spotlight.

want to know more on the story you can listen to the  Michael Phelps Interview


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